Welcome to the official home page of the i8086emu - project
i8086emu is an cross-platform emulator for the Intel 8086 microprocessor. It has support for dynamically loadable device plugins and some peripherals like a PIT, PIC, 8-segment-displays, buttons and leds. i8086emu comes with an ncurses and an GTK-2 gui.
It is basically designed for emulating a Single Board Computer 86 (SBC86) which is used in our microprocessor faculty. For this reason it consists of the original ROM of the SBC86 which is a whole debug-software with extra trace and step functionality.
This piece of software is published under the GPL and therefore marked as open source.
Feel free to find bugs :op.

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Here are some Screenshots of the i8086emu.

the ncurses gui

the GTK gui

the vga plugin

hail to the king baby
Here are some further links.
german developer documentation (pdf)
Download page @ sourceforge.net
Project page @ sourceforge.net